Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays!

well, with the holidays upon us. I figured I would share my creative Hyundai touch! haha

I'll be back in January to bring you more kickass Hyundai stuff! For the moment I will atleast leave you with Hyundai's newest youtube upload. Its Rhys Millen hijacking his genesis coupe drift car. This is the real deal! Not practiced or staged (too much) unlike the Ken Block episodes. Not to get down on the guy he is a fantastic driver, but if you notice how many skid marks there are on the pavement while Rhys is doing his run vs Ken Block. Rhys most definitely does NOT need to practice that much!!

check out the link to the video.....Rhys drives through Hyundai headquarters!


Come January we will have a new round of Hyundai vehicles coming to the auto show realm. Detroit will kick it off with the Genesis coupe, and the Veloster turbo (really looking forward to this one as it may very well be my next car). Chicago is my prediction for the new Elantra coupe and will should be seeing the next generation Santa Fe! I'll be personally looking at these cars when the auto show comes to my new back yard here in NYC!

have a happy and safe holiday! Please do not drink, text and drive. Also try a little courtesy on the road...you never know it might make things easier. Keep a good attitude while on the road. There are going to be a ton of morons trying to get where they are getting to, but please refuse the urge to get upset. It will only hurt YOU!

Take care and Happy Holidays!

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