Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spring fever!!!

I think its here..

As the current temperature outside is currently 19 degrees fahrenheit and the wood stove next to me is roaring away I find myself wanting it to be warmer. My Friday night commute reminded me that I love curvy roads. In Easton PA travelling on rt 22, I found myself following a Subaru WRX on my way home from work. This fueled something within me. The next thing I knew, my speed had increased slightly and I was soon taking cemetery curve faster than I probably should have been. Keeping a constant balance of understeer, followed by let off rotation of the rear, I remembered how I used to get a ticket almost every spring. This event sparked this particular entry.

They just don't understand...

My wife used to get on me something fierce when my foot would press the accelerator slightly too much. It was for good reason. I think that winter might depress me and others. I used to pull my summer rims off, raise the car, and prepared the car for winter. While in Florida I did not have to worry about such things. It was warm all the time. I did not find myself with this overwhelming urge to speed and take corners at ridiculous speeds. Although I must say that there were really no curves in Florida, except for the occasional on/off ramp that I must admit I would take at higher speeds then the recommend yellow sign. Physically, I think this has to do with body chemistry. In Florida, the sunshine was constant. This meant that serotonin levels, and vitamin D levels were consistently high. Since moving to the NJ/PA area and working crazy amounts of time inside a small dark room. I found myself coming down. I started supplementing with B vitamins and vitamin D. I have been feeling much better. But this event with the WRX took place on a day that I had forgot to take them. I did the same thing for me! Though I must say that the driving experience did not turn my urine neon yellow it sparked that liveliness from within. So without knowing it, I think I have inadvertently found the reason for spring traffic tickets. Putting the rims back on the car, lowering it, and a good wash and wax job just makes you feel better. I'm sure the warmer weather helps too. The leaves on the trees start to bud and that desire comes back. For some of you this might have been an obvious thing. For me it was quite the enlightening experience. So I figured I would share.

Its almost here...

 I'm holding out...its only a month or so away that spring will be here. Along with the New York Autoshow happening at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City on April 6th through the 15th. I will be attending and looking at what Hyundai has to offer. Though there are a ton of others cars that  I will be looking at that are direct competition for Hyundai's line up. This would include the new Toyrabaru BRZ/FT-86 ( I know its a Scion), the Ford focus ST, Fiat 500 Abarth and a lot of other cars. While I do have my heart set on a Veloster Turbo, I will be looking around and seeing what my wallet can afford. I have not heard anything on price for the Veloster Turbo, just lots of speculation. Though I'm expecting it to be slightly over the N/A version, but under the Genesis coupe. So my prediction is right around that 24k mark fully loaded. Who knows perhaps the allure of the new coupe will get me. The new motor with 274hp does sound  good...

finally...I'll leave you with on of my first video's that I had made just prior to me leaving Pa. It was made with my very crappy Canon camera about 6 years ago. I'm hoping to pick up a GoPro in the very near future. It should dramatically help videos such as this one. It was a random road I used to take from Bangor Pa, out to Pen Argyl, Pa. Enjoy...I know I did and will very soon!


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  2. your very welcome...though I really need to make time to continue on with this.

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  4. The sonata's are definitely a nice car to be traveling in!