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Good Showing...

One of the greats!...

NYC is one of the greatest cities on the map. I'm not sure many people could argue that point. NYC is known for its culture, music, and arts. The NYC auto show is also well known for being one of the largest shows on the tour. It too has its own "artwork and culture." Almost every manufacture is there showing off some of the latest features. Some even have prototypes and up and coming vehicles. Though Hyundai did not have any concept vehicles there, they did complete their mission of 7 cars in 24 months with the debut of  the new 2013 Santa Fe. More on that later though.

Alternatives to the new norm...

The last two years have been very exciting for those of us that are Hyundai fans. Hell, just cars in general. But there is a shift that is happening and  it was represented at the show. For better or worse, hybrids and their technology are here to stay. Several makers had alternative vehicles. Fisker had some EV's that had solar paneled roofs. Honda had their "Clarity," a fuel cell vehicle only being leased in California (at the moment). Most others had their hybrids that incorporate both fuel and electricity. Hyundai obviously had their Sonata hybrid (which I love!). One hybrid did catch my eye, the new Ford Fusion. I did not realized that they could make such a gorgeous car!  Though the car was locked, the interior looked as fine as the exterior. Nissan had their Leaf and Chevy represented with the Volt. The Volt and Leaf, while I understand why they are here and that it represents the progress in technology, I do believe they are quite a waste of money. Even with government rebates as high has 7500 bucks on them, I do not see where it pays to own one. With MSRP's as high as almost 50k, where is the savings? Hyundai, I believe, has the right approach. They have their hybrid but they also offer three other cars that are getting 40mpg. They also have bought up gas stations in S. Korea so  they could start offering hydrogen. Yes, Hyundai has had their own fuel cell cars for quite sometime. One of them, a new Tuscon, recently just went cross country. I do feel that fuel cells are the future, not EV's and definitely not propane. I guess we will have to see where the money comes from and who will be supplying the R and D. President Obama has signed legislature to give more money to battery improvements and to help companies build better EV's but then reduced the funding to fuel cell technology. What gives? Hydrogen would appear to be far superior to that of straight battery powered cars, in my opinion that is...

If only...

I had the money to buy whatever I wanted and I did not have to worry about the repairs or fuel. Two cars really looked good! I have always been a fan of the M3. This year they had their new M3 and with a limited production color, flat blue (not sure of the real is your friend). It looked fantastic in person. Audi R8 drop top was also showing off its flat paint job. Again, if only I had an unlimited budget, that R8 would be in my driveway. And who could forget Lotus! They were there showing off the new Evora and its racing brother in the traditional British racing green.

Brand new!!!...

Lets start with the new 2013 Santa Fe. While the first gen Santa Fe was not exactly easy on the eyes, it was quite reliable, especially when equipped with the 2.7 Delta V6. The Mitsubishi motors were less than desirable and working on them was a PITA!  For those that do not know, the Sigma 3.5 and the Sirius 2.4 are both Mitsubishi. The 2nd generation showcased new motors and sealed transmissions. The 3.3 Lambda V6 is a very stout motor and the interior was a huge upgrade from the 1st gen. The 3rd generation Santa Fe however, is insanely good looking inside and out. The interior feels incredibly comfortable and all interior materials are nice on the eyes and to the touch.  It comes in two versions. A short wheel and long wheel base. With the ax given to the Veracruz, Hyundai needed to fill that spot. The long wheel base adds a third row and will hold 7 passengers. The longer wheel base receives the new 3.3 GDI motor while the shorter wheel base has two 4 cylinder choices. A 2.4 GDI motor seen in the Sonata or the 2.0 Turbo motor also seen in the Sonata. All motors are strapped to 6 speed auto transmissions and your choice of 2wd or 4wd (AWD including a new trick electronic center differential). My pick would be a 2.0t short wheel base.

Next is the Veloster Turbo. What else could I say about this car? (We have talked about this before and I  really do not think we need to re-hash how cool this car is.) Except that it looks fantastic in person. The matt grey is a nice touch. I was hoping they had another color there as well. Though it is not confirmed when we will see the car in showrooms, we do know that the media release is June 18th. Though I am sadly not invited this time around. Boo!

The June 18th media release also has two other cars, the Elantra coupe and the Elantra GT. Though in the past the GT was an upgrade to the standard Elantra, they decided to call the 5 door a GT. This time around the GT has a different interior and separates itself completely from the sedan brethren. Although the motors and suspensions are the same (1.8 Nu with a McPherson front and torsion rear), the exterior is different in almost every way. The Elantra coupe holds to the sedan lines, but chops off two doors. The interior is also slightly different. I also like the nice blacked out front grill, as opposed to the colored grill on the normal Elantra. The big question here is will they come out with R-Spec versions of the E coupe and Veloster turbo?

I saw a showcase with some OEM goodies and instantly though of H.A.R.D. For those of you that don't know there is an article I wrote sometime ago that explains it. The case included springs/struts, exhaust, and intakes. There was even a custom cushion. I wonder if I will be able to get a red interior in my Turbo? The blue interior, while looking good in pictures, was definitely looking rough on the show car. It might have just been the extra traffic, but it did not look like it was holding up very well. Also, why is there not a bright blue that matches that interior??? I WANT IT! /rant.

The Azera is also all new. I can not even to let you guys/gals know how excited I was to see this car. The old  Azera was so absolutely boring. This new one though, WOW. It commands that its presence be known. The exterior is best described as a mature Sonata. The interior is a far cry form the old outdated version. From its new seats, dash, and new 293hp 3.3 GDI motor, it should do very well in its segment. I would love to get behind the wheel of this car. Perhaps in the near future.

Not much to say about the Gen coupe. The new motors are impressive and the car itself looks 10x better in person, but the fake hood scoops absolutely kill this car. The new tail lights, upgraded interior, and motor selections are the best parts of the face lift by far. I will definitely have to put this car through its paces.  Especially since I have some real roads to drive on. Perhaps my love affair will be sparked once more... we will have to see.

Peace out NYC...

Overall, I had a good time and met some really cool people who also had the same passion for cars that I do. Perhaps not about Hyundai. It's ok, more for me. Next time, please have more knowledgable people working the floor. I know that there was a LOT of information to know and while the flip card book was a good idea, it does take away from the experience. Perhaps next time around, I could work the floor. It would be a pleasure to talk shop all day.

I do have to give a shout out to Baby Cakes on the lower east side. They are a small bakery that caters to gluten free, food allergic, and vegan customers. My son has severe allergies and because of this bakery, he can walk in and order just about anything he sees in the case. If your ever in the area and are looking for delicious treats, please hop on the subway and run down there like we did after the show. The address is

248 Broome St  New York, NY 10002....their website is

Thanks for reading! I know its been slow as of late, but I promise there is more to come...

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More pics...just because! 

Yes please! 

300k? really? 

Not sure what the hype is all about? 

By far the coolest concept there!! I hope this is what the production model looks like!

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