Friday, September 23, 2011

Driving Sports TV reveiw from youtube.

Aaron is a cool guy,but not a fan of Hyundai. Coming from the world of performance Subaru's I do not blame him. I think that the turbo version will motivate people a little more. The red and black leather option is by far the nicest option of the interiors.

without further ado....and yes, I do not say much and I'm kinda emotionless. It's kinda hard to have camera's on you for 20 minutes straight and be in complete silence. Aaron would randomly say something, so responding is a little hard.


  1. I like it! They did a nice job- appropriate music and good quality all around. Aaron and Silent DB ;)

  2. haha yeah its hard to have a conversation when the other person is just shooting information out. So I just sat and kept my mouth quite, except for when he remembered a couple of things wrong. Your not going to see those takes though. LOL Owell, I'm going to be getting my own GoPro's and doing my own videos. Hopefully in the not so distant future I'll be doing my own.