Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Is H.A.R.D. making its return???

Ok I have seen alot of posts on the forums about an OEM supercharged Genesis coupe. Autoblog itself is claiming that a factory SC kit will be strapped to the 3.8 motor (as seen here...Autoblog's Supercharged Gen couple article) but is it true? With all of my time with Hyundai and watching the trends I really have a hard time believing that the most fuel efficient company will be strapping an Eaton positive displacement SC'er to its new 2013 coupe. Another guess is what motor will be replacing the 210hp 2.0 turbo motor in the base car. Will it be the Sonata motor? Or perhaps an updated version of the Theta II....I'm going to venture a guess of the Sonata motor.

Will it be the return of H.A.R.D.?

This acronym will be familiar with those that have been around Hyundai for any given amount of time. Back in late 2003/early 2004, there was buzz about Hyundai coming out with its line of aftermarket parts that would be fully covered by the warranty (when installed by a factory technician AT the dealership).  This never did come to fruition and the tuners of the Hyundai scene were left yet again to fend for themselves. I spoke with several people from HMA while out on my Portland trip (see Portland trip...for a full recap of the 2012 Hyundai Veloster) but one thing that grabbed my attention was the fact that Hyundai officials seemed to be excited about SEMA. SEMA is an aftermarket goody bag of parts, women and modified cars. Why would Hyundai be so excited? Three years ago they had their prototype Gen coupe and Rhys Millen was there with his midmounted v8 gen coupe. Several other companies had Gen coupes there aswell, but RMR is fully backed by HMA.

Prototype from HMA

Motor shot of the mid mounted Tau V8 motor

With the release of the Veloster just a couple of weeks ago, will it be an unveiling of the up and coming Veloster Turbo? Could it be the return H.A.R.D? Could it be both? I'm not sure but what I do know is that the 333hp that Autoblog is quoting comes from Hyundai using Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), not a supercharger. The genesis sedan is currently running this same exact motor and in the same position (RWD) Why would they change it for their coupe? I could be wrong, but I'm calling BS on this.

I'm looking forward to Hyundai's booth at SEMA (still trying to scheme a way of going to Las Vegas to see things in person, but that is highly unlikely). I'm also looking foward to cars from such great companies like ARK, Fuelculture, and RMR will be out there with Velosters. I'm sure others will be representing the Gen coupe crowd aswell.

However it goes down, this a good thing for ALL OF US!!!

spy shots of the new Veloster Turbo...if you havent seen it yet. New front fascia, rear bumber with round center mounted exhaust tips, and most importantly 208hp/195lbs of torque from the Gamma 1.6 GDI motor.


  1. Oh god ! I cannot wait till SEMA. The first Aftermarket rush is the best. H.A.R.D seems like an amazing concept but I doubt it'll come into place. As for a Supercharged Genesis, I also highly doubt, it doesn't make sense to do such a thing. Genesis is competing with the other RWD of the American and German cars , a Supercharged version would allow them to compete with the likes of GT500, Camaro ZL1. Idk, really, guess we'll have to wait and see.


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