Monday, September 19, 2011

Road signals!

ok...lets get this straight, we are supposed to use turn signals when turning? Can somebody please tell the drivers of  Florida this. PLEASE!! There is a little stalk that comes out from behind the steering wheel (usually on the left side) you depress it to signal left and push it up to signal right. This is not hard is it? For the people of central Florida it seems to be. On small city streets or on the highways, it does not matter. Do yourself and other people on the road and USE YOUR DAMN TURN SIGNALS!!!!

Other signals of the road that people may not know.
1. Your on the highway traveling at a good speed, but the person infront of you is hogging the left lane. They are not paying any attention to you coming up from behind. One thing you do not do is tailgate them till they move! This is probably the most unsafe way to approach this situation. As long as they can move over, the best way to deal with this is a nice flash of the high beams from a good distance away. Usually in groups of two. This for the most part will get the persons attention and they "should" move over as THEY are breaking the law by NOT moving over. Do not let somebody tell you "go around me!" for this surely cause accidents especially if they are going much slower then the speed of traffic. The best is if you do start to pass on the right, they just move over anyway. NO turn signal but just move. (please see original rant please! haha)

2. Your on a backroad and there is something in the road, or you see the po po sitting somewhere. The flashing of highbeams is a nice way to warn others of the pending danger (or ticket). Only in Florida have I come across where I have actually been given the middle finger for doing this. How weird, I'm trying to HELP YOU!

3. Highway scenario again. A truck is in the left hand lane and wants to move over to the right but you are there. If its day time, flashing your highbeams will let them know that you are clear (when they move over I usually take their spot in the left and pass) If its at night, you will want to turn lights (just the headlights) off and then on again. The Trucker, if polite, will flash his four ways. This is a signal of gratitude. I have been in the truck with my dad on occasions and I can tell you first hand that they BLIND spots...BIG ONES! not only do you help them along, they move out of the left lane.

4. Person behind you and flashing like crazy at YOU, move over and let them pass. I have seen people get ridiculous with this and people start to act like idiots because they thing the person flashing is in the wrong. I have also had people brake check others and fingers are flying out the window. I have seen all kinds of stuff over my years on the road.  Sorry if your in the left lane or going 15mph UNDER the speed limit. Its you that is in the wrong. Move your booty over.

5. Its dusk/dawn and somebody flashes their lights ON and then OFF then ON again. This means put YOUR lights on. One hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise you are supposed to have your lights one.

6. And for goodness sakes, put your lights on while its raining! I can not see your white, grey, or black car while its down pouring. Wipers on, Lights on! its real easy! This is one of the reason why car companies are coming out with auto-lights, because people are not paying attention.

Other signals of the road.

1. Somebody pulls up next to you and honks three times, they then take off and flash their 4 just lost the race. Most of these people are morons, please do not get into with them. They try to race anything with a motor and do not care about the circumstances. I have done my fair share of stupid things? I suppose so, but weaving through traffic on Rt. 80 is much more fun then simply going fast in a straight line. haha J/F...kinda.

if I missed any that you would like to add, but all means post up!! We need to educate the public!

next installment is probably going to be about vehicle safety and what you can do to make it safer. Especially watching people play bumper cars in the rain on the highway this afternoon.

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