Monday, October 3, 2011

Ask and you shall receive!!

All Things Hyundai and Coastal Hyundai in Melbourne, FL are teaming up to bring you more car reviews!

Coastal Hyundai...

This family run business has been serving Brevard county for 22 years. The Nelson family, with lead from Bruce Nelson Jr. as president and Michelle Nelson as CFO, has made Coastal Hyundai Brevard County's best new car dealership and one of Hyundai's largest dealerships in the nation. Coastal Hyundai also holds the record for most Hyundai's sold in one month, in the southeastern district. With their professional staff ready, willing and able to help you the best they can, there is NO better time to drive a Hyundai!

How it went down...

I spoke with my long time go to sales man John Lyons who directed me to TJ Watson, the internet sales manager. Our conversation was brief but adequate. I'll spare you the boring details of the process, but Coastal Hyundai will be letting me take several of the new model cars out for my own reviews. However, with several different models that are new in the line up at the moment I'm having a hard time deciding on which car to drive first! This is where you guys/gals come in!

I need your suggestions! I'm looking forward to my new partnership with Coastal and bringing you the quality reviews you have come to expect from All Things Hyundai!

Coastal Hyundai's website...please click for more information!

I know a bunch of you read this, if you could please leave a post down below! Thanks and stay tuned for my Hyundai reviews!!!


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