Sunday, November 13, 2011

2013 Gen coupe...continued.

So it would appear that the 2013 Genesis coupe will get a nice jump in power. I expected this though and as did everybody else. The question still surrounds the 2.0t motor. It was not shown at the release in Korea. I wonder why? Rumor has it that its going to be the same motor (non GDI) but will have a larger twin scroll turbo with increase boost. The current Coupe peaks at 14psi (approx 1 bar). So in order to increase the power that much your looking at the new coupe pushing about 19 psi. This also leaves alot of room for tuning the new motor as well. Its funny though...I know of another motor that is a 2.0 T and hits 274 hp...I wonder...

with out further interruption...

The 3.8 GDI will be making 350 hp. While the 2.0 T will be putting down 275 hp. I also snagged some more pictures of the new car at the unveil. Thanks to our friends in Korea for the pictures! Also if you want to see the picture larger just simply click on the picture.

Power Output for both motors

3.8 L GDI

New interior looks much better then the current one with hard plastics galore! This one looks like it has quite a few more soft touches to it. I like it! Especially the navigation system being higher up on the center stack. 

Although there are name changes to some of the colors and added a few (not pictured here, perhaps they are saving the really cool ones for the Detroit unveil.) they look very similar to the current colors. Here are a couple of them. 



  1. The rear is nice. The front is too VelostermeetsSonataHybrid. There was nothing wrong with the previous Genesis coupe. But it's not like I'm turning in my Elantra anytime soon ;)

  2. ^ Yeah, I will agree. Although I think we may be looking at the aggressive lines that the Veloster Turbo will take. With the Veloster not being as wide it will be able to pull the look off.

    I hear ya about the Elantra, mine is not going anywhere either.