Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An insult to MPG's...


So I was over at my friendly dealership, Coastal Hyundai, when I saw a Sonata Hybrid on a flat bed tow truck. I walk up to whom I thought was the truck drivers co-worker and asked "why?" The guy replied "A blown tire." So I walk from the front of the truck to the side and it had 22"'s!!! Big huge chrome rims on a Hybrid. So, of course, I  spoke up and said "Are those really 22"s on a Hybrid???". The guy replied "Yeah....why?". So in my stupefied trance I started to rattle off everything that is wrong with HUGE chrome wheels on a Hybrid. They are heavy, tires are much wider the OEM ones, and they will kill the MPG's. In his infinite wisdom the guy replies "I put them on for show, not go." I think I just insulted the owner, whoops! While yes the Sonata Hybrid is NOT about how fast you go, it is about how far you go. So while it might look good (maybe), you have just killed what the car was built for...I walked away slowly shaking my head.


With this being said, lets take a very quick look at MPG's Miles Per Gallon (here in the USA) has become the new gold standard for vehicles. Everybody is striving to get the most with the least amount of fuel. Vehicles are coming out with new technology almost daily. For Hyundai it has been the introduction of Gas Direct Injection or GDI. What this does is it sprays high pressure fuel into the combustion chamber rather then  the intake runners. This means that the fuel can be sprayed in at the very last second, using very little fuel. You can also increase the compression ratio of the motor increasing volumetric efficiency. This increase allows for more power and better fuel economy. Along with other technology like variable intake runners and Continuous Variable Valve Timing is why, for example, the new 2012 Veloster is able to achieve 40 mpg's on the highway. Hybrids are also a thing too...(can read about the Sonata Hybrid below "ATH Presents:..."). Here is a short film on the new 1.6 gamma GDI motor.

Any modification done to a vehicle can change the MPG's. Adding bigger wheels and tires, usually, adds weight and pushes the majority of the weight out towards the outer edge of the circumference. Modifying the motor in anyway can have a detrimental affect on mileage as well. Even something as simple as a Cold Air Intake or an aftermarket exhaust system can lead to more trips to the pumps. While I have personally found that if your not constantly putting your foot down some mods can increase or at least NOT affect mileage. Allowing the motor to breathe better does increase HP and TQ numbers, but sometimes it can yield better MPG's. What I'm trying to convey is just be aware that how you modify your car. Please, do not be ignorant and do some research on the vehicle before adding parts to it.

Also, things to come....

In the last couple of days I have had the opportunity to drive two Genesis coupe's with aftermarket goodies on them. One is mild while the other is touching on the wild side. I'm hoping I can find  time in the next couple of days to post it all up and wrap up my Florida chapter. My Pennsylvania chapter will be opening very shortly! I will also be on the look out for another dealership!

So do not fret "All Things Hyundai" is simply relocating. Come spring I will have more reviews...this time with better cinematography (resolution) and pictures. I'm hoping to pick up some GoPro's and a better camera. Did I mention nice curvy roads?

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