Saturday, November 19, 2011

ATH @ Xtreme Events Cars of Florida!!!

 For the love of cars...

I first met up with the guys at Xtreme Events last year, when I attended their year meet in Orlando, FL. Since then I have been to one other meet hosted by (Melbourne Beach). Everybody there has always been courteous and respectful toward all makes and models. It is literally a bunch of guys/gals that truly love cars. No matter what you drive you can bring it to an xecofl meet! There was flag football, Barbeque, and a DJ at today's meet! As always this meet was very well thought out and put together. There were all kinds of cars here. Miatas, MS3s, 370zs out the wazoo, Gen coupes, Elantras, Tiburons, Eclipses and there was even a lone Honda Civic Si and Veloster.

This particular yearly meet means a little more to me. It will be the last meet that I will be attending in Florida. I was fortunate to have most of my friends in attendance. I have met some wonderful people over the last 4 and half years. Most have been to my house to have work or modifications done. I have enjoyed my time and am grateful for the friendships I have forged over the years. So to Tara, Justin, Hayden, Dave, Ryan, Andy, JC, Phil, Kirk and many others whom I have met along the way...Thanks for everything! You will be missed but never forgotten. Hopefully with return trips I'll be able to visit. Maybe even catch up with my new found peeps at xecofl. Thanks again guys! It was a blast and a great way to spend my last Saturday in the state. I threw together a small video (after the pics)...Enjoy!

Hatches FTMFW!!!   

370's representing!

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